Allergies and Ayurveda

Mar 21, 2019

Episode 72

Episode #72 Springtime can bring allergies for many people. In this episode Colette focuses on seasonal allergies and also allergies to food, mould, medicines, pets, dust etc. which people can acquire later in life. 

Colette covers the following topics:

  • What is an allergy
  • Types of allergies
  • Why do allergies occur in the body
  • How does ama or toxins affect allergies
  • The importance of our agni or digestive fire in preventing allergic reactions
  • How our emotions can affect our allergies
  • Dosha-specific allergic reactions
  • What is means when we say that Spring is Kapha season
  • Cleansing to help prevent and treat allergies
  • What to focus on to keep your immune system strong and prevent illness and allergies
  • What to avoid this time of year to prevent toxin build-up

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