Read About My Clients Experiences

“Colette, thank you for the cleanse and all the support. I cannot thank you enough! I entered the cleanse thinking I was "ahead of the curve" as I tend to be very healthy, however, there is always room for improvement, and this cleanse definitely demonstrated that.

I was able to detox so much from the inside but also my PMS symptoms went away magically and my 24/7 brain shut off too. I felt inspired during week 2-3 and have introduced new ideas into my life and business.

I am feeling so renewed and think that this cleanse is a MUST for everyone. Besides new learnings and education, the process itself is quite magical. I highly recommend Colette's programs and cleanse, her loving and caring nature is awesome. She is quick to respond and you never feel alone.

I come from a background of having an autoimmune disease and know that this would help my clients as well and anyone wanting to boost their health to the next level. A deep inner cleanse without feeling hungry is amazing work. Thank you Colette for all that you do."

~ Johanna, Netherlands


"I found Colette’s podcast months ago when I started to learn more about Ayurveda, and finally contacted her for our first 90 minute consultation.

Colette was very thorough in determining my mind-body type! She then guided me through my first Ayurvedic digestive reset and taught me how to take care of my health through the right food and lifestyle modifications.

I had struggled with what modern medicine would call chronic fatigue and other annoying things since my children were born and unfortunately could not find answers in my doctor’s office because according to the blood work I was fine… Out of desperation, I decided to explore alternative routes.

After 3 weeks of the program, I have my energy back and I simply feel great. It takes a little while to start seeing results, but being patient totally pays off! I love the fact that now, after completing the program, I am more in tune with my own body and I have the tools to be proactive in my own health care.

Colette is simply wonderful. Very knowledgeable and always there for you, no matter where you live."

~ Karin, Massachusetts 

"This is the best cleanse I have tried. My mood, energy, digestion and my cravings has all improved and I feel motivated to keep eating healthy after the cleanse. I’m also sleeping better. I don’t need a coffee anymore! It is so worth it! I’ll definitely do it again."

– Anita, Ireland

"I can’t thank you enough for all your inspiration and encouragement. What a difference in how I feel, I’m clearer in my head, my body feels lighter, and I just feel better overall. So just wanted to say Thanks!"

– Niki, California

"I have completed both programs with Colette, the Digestive Cleanse and the Daily Habits course. I have had a lot of digestive problems since my daughter was born and could not find anything to help. Diets would just not work, and in all honesty, they just messed me up even more, and then you have to recover from the effects of that diet again and again! 

I’ve learned about Ayurveda through books and online videos and I’ve personally read and followed the principles. It helped a lot! But going through the cleansing program with Colette’s help was a life changer. Not only do you have a plan to follow that is adjusted for you, you won’t have to worry if you’re doing it right because you have a knowledgeable professional to help you all the way. After the cleanse, I now have better digestion, less stress (since I don’t have to worry if I need to go to bathroom every five minutes), and I just feel like a normal person again."

– Katya, USA

"I first reached out to Colette, after I heard her wonderful voice on her Elements of Ayurveda podcast on Spotify. I wanted to learn more about Ayurveda, and Spotify led me straight to her!

Once I was in touch with her, I received a one on one in depth consultation. Colette really takes the time to go through your needs and identify the imbalances that may be taking place in the levels of body and mind. Once we identified my dosha, she was really thorough in helping me form a routine and recommending the right foods to bring my dosha back into balance.

Colette then recommended the Ayurvedic Cleanse, as it would help in releasing some of the toxins I had accumulated over my life (including emotional and physical toxins). I’m really glad I followed her recommendation and expert guidance as once I started the cleanse, I was only wishing I had done it a lot earlier in life! Paying attention to my body and what it needs solely for the 3 weeks, I realised how intelligent by body actually is. And how little it needs to thrive. I realised the difference between quantity versus quality. When I fed it the right nutrients, it didn’t crave or miss any junk or processed foods.

Another massive benefit of the cleanse was that I became acutely aware of my emotional eating patterns. As there were no distractions, I started to confront, release and bring awareness to the parts within me that were previously suppressed through habit.

It’s suffice to say that the Ayurvedic Cleanse really helped me let go. Colette was so supportive through out the cleanse and was constantly checking up on me, ensuring that I felt supported. It really didn’t feel like we were on the opposite side of the world! Through my introduction to an Ayurvedic lifestyle, I’ve learnt to fall in love with myself and my body. I’ve gained confidence as I’m now listening to what it needs, and I’m in a position of empowerment as I fulfil it’s needs. I’m truly grateful to Colette for introducing me to the science of life, and would recommend her to anyone in a heart beat!"

~ Sanya, Melbourne

 "I have struggled with IBS and extreme bloating since I was a teenager. I felt I had tried everything possible, seen many different forms of practitioners, many diets, supplements and practices and after listening to Colette’s podcast and beginning my journey into the study of Ayurveda I had so much faith in this cleanse and I am so glad I didn’t give up on my healing journey!

My digestion and belly have never felt so good!! My bloating has practically disappeared, the sluggish and heavy feeling within my belly has gone. My skin is glowing and I feel so much lighter and clearer within my body and mind. My poor cravings have disappeared and I see food in such a different light, it truly is medicine and nature provides us with the most beautiful form of healing.

Thank you for your guidance and wisdom Colette. We are blessed to have you share your passion with us all, truly life changing!” 

~ Bridie, Tasmania

"My Ayurvedic Consultation with Colette was amazing! Her knowledge and empathy let me know immediately that I was in great hands. She provided me with a booklet that contained everything I needed to know and then some (i.e. practical routines and appropriate foods) to keep my Dosha in balance.

The session provided me with insight, clarity, and a deeper awareness of my body and how it works. To top it off, she followed up to provide MORE resources to support my daily routines. I highly recommend working with Colette if you are looking to improve your lifestyle in an intuitive and practical way!"

~ Sara, California

"I can't recommend Colette's advice and support enough. After years of fertility issues I found Ayurveda  helped me realise I was a pitta and I was out of balance. With specific diet, yoga and meditation advice I was able to realign. Amazingly within just a few months I was successfully pregnant.

I continued to use Colette's support and advice throughout my pregnancy. My baby is now 8 weeks old and I continue to follow Colette's advice whilst breastfeeding and in the weeks following the birth. I feel I understand my body much better since discovering Ayurveda.

~ Claire, England


"Toward the end of this past summer, I started feeling worse and worse, not actually sick, but lethargic and unmotivated. Weight gain was a problem, yet I had no appetite. My Western doctor didn’t have any ideas or suggestions. My daughter suggested I contact Colette and find out about Ayurveda from her. Thank goodness I did! 

A consultation with Colette led to a three-week cleanse specialized for my dosha. The cleanse was not the starvation type cleanses I’d heard about, but it did teach me about new foods to eat and new dishes to create in the kitchen. During and after the cleanse I also followed some lifestyle modifications that supported my new dietary habits.

I am now in a great state of well being, and if anything comes up that upsets my digestion or feeling of well being, I know I can revert to the cleanse diet for a couple of days until everything settles down.
I highly recommend Ayurveda to bring about one’s sense of well being and good health.  In particular Colette Kent is an excellent counselor. She is responsive to questions and comments, and is unfailingly supportive"

~ Sandi Rae, CA, US

"This Daily Habits for Holistic Health course is absolutely fantastic and so insightful. Essentially, it’s about being you, choosing to be the person you want to be. It is like receiving the manual to life that we never had, this course gives you the tools of change. Colette is helping each person develop a healthy, positive and meaningful life. This is not just a fad or new trend, this is an experience, and it is something that you bring with you for the rest of your life. This course opens your body, mind, and soul to the wonder that is all around you.

Colette's a mentor, and a ray of light that helps you to shine from within. The clear and logical teaching in the webinars makes it easy to learn. 

For me, I felt the biggest change arrived as the course neared the finish. I didn’t feel like I had just completed an online course. I feel that I have become something. I’m not 100% sure exactly what it is, but it feels like a heightened sense of self, connection to my surroundings, a new outlook on interactions, a stronger and more wholesome body, and maybe, complete health."

~ Nick, United Kingdom

"I first found Colette through her podcast which is a great resource for anyone interested in Ayurveda. New to the science, I found the information Colette provided during our Discovery Call very helpful and the perfect introduction to Digestive Reset Cleanse. The cleanse not only put my body and spirit back on track, it showed me how to put the Ayurvedic principles to work in my daily routine. Colette was very supportive throughout the 21 days. I recommend working with Colette for anyone looking for a realistic and healthy way to establish daily diet and lifestyle balance"

~ Jodie H., U.S.

"Colette’s Ayurvedic Cleanse Program is incredible! I’ve experienced several cleanses over the years but nothing compares to this individualized program. The continuous support, gentle guidance & Ayruvedic mastery during these 21 days was extraordinary! This cleanse truly helped me shed lots of physical & emotional muck…I feel like a lotus blossom that’s emerging from muddy water!  I truly am rejuvenated & balanced in body, mind & spirit. Thank you Colette, although it seems inadequate, for the phenomenal experience"

~ Lisa, California

"My cleanse experience was overall very good. I was nervous going into the cleanse that I would feel deprived and not have the discipline to complete the cleanse. Colette gave me great advice to set the intention of purifying my body; I reflected on that daily and it got me through the cleanse. The food on the cleanse is delicious and plentiful; I did not feel deprived at any time. With that said, I was ready to get back to some favorite foods but with more awareness of how my body responds to them.

Colette's knowledge & experience with Ayurveda + her organization skills allowed her to put together a well-structured cleanse that is easy to follow-up. Her support along the way was extremely helpful as well. I highly recommend this cleanse to anyone that is seeking balance in their life; I feel more balanced mentally, emotionally, physically, and connected spiritually. Looking forward to implementing an Ayurvedic cleanse as a regular lifestyle practice!"

~ Erin, California

 "Colette is a wonderful guide through the Ayurvedic cleaning process. She is warm, compassionate, and very knowledgable about Ayurvedic treatments. She creates an individualized Ayurvedic cleanse and detox and is available for any questions throughout the cleanse.  I had never completed a cleanse before and I especially appreciated her support and encouragement. During and after the cleanse, I felt my body changing. I became more aware of how I felt physically, emotionally, and energetically and I noticed what foods and habits I was most attached to (coffee!). Thank you Colette for offering your wisdom and profound support. Your passion in Ayurvedic approaches guides your wonderful work!"

~ Dr. Andrea Millen, US

"I know a lot about nutrition and I always thought I could figure out my health on my own. I’ve had digestive issues for 15 years but assumed it was because of all the salads and veggies that I ate. I figured I would just have to live like that.

Meeting with Colette was the most transformational journey for my digestion, energy and overall enjoyment in life. She was very thorough in figuring my dosha and went on to show me how I was very out of balance. She went very deep into teaching me the foods, herbs and teas that were best to bring my body back into balance. I feel so much better, I sleep better, I have more energy and I dont have the digestive issues like gas and discomfort (unless I stray from what I’ve been taught!).

Colette was always available when I needed her and ask questions (which was a lot). My daughter went to her and my husband is planning to as well.  I recommend her to anyone that talks to me about feeling unbalanced in their digestion or life. She is MAGNIFICENT!"

~ Maria, California

"I’ve just finished my online Daily Habits for Holistic Health course with Colette and it has been such a life changer. Obviously, you can’t change everything over night, but it’s gradual step by step, and this course has brought such awareness to me. I’ve made so many little changes that have made such a difference to the way I feel.

I just love my morning meditation now and swear by my tongue scraper. I have always been a lover of yoga, but now I have changed the type of classes I go to, a slower paced class to adjust to my dosha type. Colette’s yoga video was great to make me do this. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to make even a little change in their lives to make them feel so much stronger and more positive. Healthy happy for life."

~ Ciara, France

"Colette’s digestive reset cleanse was a truly wonderful experience.  Colette is with you every step of the 21 days.  In addition to your own private consultation, Colette has online support through webinars, video demonstrations, tailored recipes etc on a private page within her website, and she is also available direct via email.  No question ever goes unanswered, and no question is too small.  She is extremely supportive, caring and encouraging throughout the cleanse.

The cleanse does require some dedication and commitment but it is so worth it.  The physical feeling at the end is incredible.  I felt so light and clean.  Not only did it do my gut/digestive health wonders but my mind was also clear and focused.  Emotions were also released which I did not expect.  The process really does cleanse you of toxins on all levels of the body, mind and soul.

Thank you Colette, it has been a real pleasure working with you.  You have helped me instill dinacharya into my life and I am feeling more balanced than I have been in a long time.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.

~ Namaste 🙏 Sarah Q