Preventing Spring Sickness

Mar 29, 2018

Episode 21

Episode #21 Springtime is an energetic time of year! After the long Winter months, Kapha rises in the environment and this has a big impact on our body and mind. The Kapha energy brings the qualities of:

  • Moist
  • Cold
  • Heavy
  • Static
  • Soft
  • Liquid

When the body has excess Kapha qualities it can cause the following symptoms:

  • Congestion, mucus, colds, coughs, sinusitis
  • Low, heavy energy, depletion, lethargy
  • Feeling lazy, uninspired
  • Slow digestion, weight gain, water retention
  • Drowsiness, excessive sleep
  • Brain fog, depression, withdrawal from social activities

If you are experiencing these symptoms, then it’s likely that you’re experiencing an imbalance or aggravation of the Kapha dosha.

However, the good news is that these imbalances can easily be reversed with an appropriate Kapha balancing diet and lifestyle.

In this episode, Colette gives you tips and guidelines on how to keep your body and mind in balance during the transition into Spring with your food, drinks, spices, exercise and lifestyle.

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