Grounding & Connecting with Amy Wheeler

Oct 01, 2020

Episode 152

Colette chats with regular guest Amy Wheeler about grounding the Vata energy during this Vata-aggravating energy right now, with the transition of the seasons, Covid virus, climate crisis etc.

They also discuss the importance of connection, particularly the connection to your ‘true nature’, to Mother Nature and in your relationships. Colette and Amy cover the following topics:

  • How the current climate affects our mental health.
  • Staying grounded and connected during this confusion in the world and in nature.
  • How aggravated Vata can result in feelings of loneliness, isolation, fear, worry, anxiety etc.
  • How to calm and ground the Vata dosha. 
  • The importance of the unctuous quality for the Vata dosha.
  • The power of creativity for grounding Vata.
  • The healing power of Mother Nature.

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