Supporting Generation Z with Amy Wheeler

Jul 02, 2020

Episode 139

Generation Z are between the ages of 10-25 years and are in their formative years of school/college/early working years where they’re learning about the world, shaping their values and worldview.

Amy, a college professor for the past 25 years, shares her concerns about this generation and the effect the current Covid crisis, protests against systemic racism etc. is having on the mental health of this generation. Colette and Amy discuss the following:

  • How the current Covid crisis is affecting Gen Zers during their formative years.
  • The values and strengths of Gen Z.
  • Amy’s concerns and feedback from her Gen Z students.
  • The mental health of Gen Zers during confinement.
  • The impact of missing out on key life events e.g. high school, graduations, college life etc. during the Covid crisis.
  • Empowering Gen Zers with tools to provide support, manage stress, develop resilience and help build their confidence to explore their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Amy’s advice for people working with Gen Zers. 

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