The Respiratory Channel (Prana Vaha Srotas)

Feb 09, 2023

Episode 274

In episode #272 Colette did an introduction to the srotas or channels of the body and in that episode she focused on the anna vaha srotas, the food carrying channels. She explained the journey from the intake of food at the mouth through to the small intestine, explaining the doshas and subdoshas involved along the way and their role in transforming food into energy.

In this episode, Colette focuses on another input channel, prana vaha srotas, the respiratory system. Prana vaha srotas works with anna vaha srotas (the food channel) as the breath kindles the agni (our digestive fire) and the agni breaks down the food we ingest to nourish the entire body. Anna vaha srotas transforms food into energy and then the prana vaha srotas are the channels transforming that energy into vitality by carrying air through the respiratory system.

Colette takes you on a journey through the prana vaha srotas and the organs and subdoshas involved in inspiration and expiration. The subdoshas include:

  • prana vayu
  • avalambaka kapha
  • udana vayu
  • vyana vayu 


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