Group Digestive Reset Cleanse

An online group cleanse which is individually-tailored to You!

Next Group Cleanse Starts...

October 4th, 2024  

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Why do we need to cleanse?

According to Ayurveda, toxins are the main cause for dis-ease in the body and mind. This is why a great emphasis is put on the removal of toxins in Ayurvedic medicine. Detoxifying the body in regular intervals is an important contribution to disease prevention.

The presence of toxins can manifest in the body in the following ways:

  • Feeling run down, sluggish, lethargic, a general lack of energy
  • Weak digestion, feeling bloated, heaviness and lethargic after meals
  • Irregular bowel movements, may be loose/dry
  • Foggy mind with the inability to concentrate
  • Abnormally coated tongue
  • A general feeling of being ‘out of balance’

What's included in the cleanse?

  • Private 90 min online consultation with Colette. She will then tailor the cleanse for your unique physical and mental constitution and address any current imbalances.
  • Weekly coaching webinar (recorded) 
  • Yoga video for your dosha
  • Meditation tutorial
  • Pranayama tutorial
  • Recipes
  • Online support from Colette
  • A supportive community to help each other through the process

What is the cleanse structure?

There’s no fasting in this nurturing, whole food cleanse. It will consist of three stages:

Days 1 - 7


Gradually eliminating highly-processed foods, refined sugar, caffeine and drinking digestive tea in preparation for the cleanse. 

Days 8 - 16

Main Cleansing Phase

Oiling and softening the body to help in the release of the toxins. Eating easy digestible meals tailored to your body and balancing for your constitution. 

Days 17 - 21

Post-Cleanse Rejuvenation

Cleansing can be depleting on the body and so rejuvenation is extremely important with food that will build strong, healthy cells and tissues.

This cleanse allows you to hit the ‘reset’ button and unpack any physical and/or emotional toxins holding you back from living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life!

During this group cleanse, Colette will guide, support and educate you on how to bring your body, mind and soul into balance. We will go through the process as a group in the private community, holding each other accountable and supporting each other.

Check out the Elements of Ayurveda Podcast episode #244 An Ayurvedic Digestive Reset Cleanse for more details on this cleanse.

What are the benefits of an Ayurvedic cleanse?

Enjoy the following benefits from this holistic cleanse:

  • Receive a cleanse that’s tailored to you and your lifestyle
  • A nurturing cleanse with whole-food recipes
  • A private community to support you
  • Eliminate toxins stored in the fat cells
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Maintain a healthy body weight for your constitution
  • Yoga, meditation and pranayama videos for your dosha
  • Mental clarity and improved awareness
  • A calm nervous system
  • Daily self-care practices to help you maintain balance
  • Improved sleep
  • Restore balance, clarity and energy

The next Group Cleanse starts October 4th, 2024

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Colette has organized a cleanse that is simple and relatively easy to follow despite what might be a major change in eating habits.  By having a prep week, you can enter into things like caffeine withdrawal in your own time. 

Her personal attention through the 90-minute pre-cleanse consultation, personalizes the choices in both self-care routines, yogic practices and food issues.  The communication throughout is supportive and serves as a reminder to take time to prepare ahead of time.  All and all 10 out of 10!.”

~ Amy L., U.S.


"This cleanse was a fantastic experience! I feel a sense of ease and clarity I have not felt in a long time. Colette has done a wonderful job providing not only excellent, easy to digest information on Ayurveda but an encouraging and supportive environment to learn more about the healing power of listening to our bodies. Thank you so much for this experience. I would highly recommend!"

~ Jane, Australia


"I have completed the Ayurveda autumn cleanse offered by Colette two times and each time I was astonished about the positive effect it had on my mental health specifically. I had been struggling with a pitta imbalance last year and a vata imbalance this year; with both conditions my mind and body responded really well to the food and lifestyle changes.

Colette has been amazingly competent in filtering out the underlying issues during our private session and she was thoughtful enough to look back to the year before, let me take note of behavioural patterns but also remind me of the progress and give a positive outlook.

After the cleanse, I feel sobered and clear with a helpful calmness and hopefulness about my planning and actions that I have not known for a long time. I have been reminded to be mindful about the practices I include in my daily life and protect my well-being from daily struggle. A mobilising yoga practice and giving thanks in the morning, an oil massage and calming down in the evening as well as a good nights sleep will be my best friends for the rest of the year! I recommend this cleanse to everyone for a new perspective on health and self care."

A thankful client! ~ Jacqueline, Sweden

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