The Parent's Complete Guide to Ayurveda with Vaidya Jayarajan

Dec 15, 2022

Episode 266

Vaidya Jayarajan Kodikannath or Dr. J as he's known is a regular guest on the podcast. He is a classically trained Ayurveda doctor and an accomplished teacher representing a lineage of Ayurveda Practitioners from Kerala, India. Dr. J is CEO of Kerala Ayurveda (USA) and is President of NAMA the National Ayurveda Medical Association in the US. 

In this episode we talk about his new book 'The Parent’s Complete Guide to Ayurveda’  which won the 2022 National Parenting Product Award by NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Products Award). We discuss the following:

  • The importance of introducing Ayurvedic principles into your child's life.
  • The value of understanding your child's unique mind/body type.
  • Navigating parenting in the digital age.
  • The kapha stage of life, from birth to puberty.
  • Transitioning into puberty and the pitta stage of life.
  • The foundational routines to establish early in life.


Thanks to Kerala Academy for sponsoring this episode. To learn more, visit, For 35% off the new Principles of Ayurveda course use the code Elements35 when you sign up!

Visit to find Dr. J's new book and for more information on their educational programs, healing therapies and Ayurvedic products.


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