The Mind, Chitta & Rituals with Dr. Nandan Lele

Aug 19, 2021

Episode 197

Dr Nandan Lele is the 3rd generation Ayurvedic physician in his paternal family, while 2nd generation in his maternal family. He has more than 17 years of clinical experience taking care of thousands of patients at 2 clinics in Pune, India and has travelled extensively all around the globe spreading the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Dr. Nandan’s practice takes a holistic approach aimed at minimal use of medicines and maximum use of food and lifestyle modifications to restore health. 

Colette chats with Dr. Nandan about the great importance Ayurveda gives to the mind..… “It’s not the eye that sees the world but it’s the mind that sees the world”.

They discuss the following:

  • Why Ayurveda places such a great emphasis on the mind.
  • How the mind permeates the entire body.
  • The relationship between the mind and the Soul.
  • What is chitta and how it relates to the mind.
  • The significance of ritual in Ayurveda and how these rituals are designed to have an impact on the mind.


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