Men’s Health & Fertility with Dr. Vignesh Devraj

Jul 23, 2020

Episode 142

Dr. Vignesh Devraj is a 4th generation Ayurvedic healer and founder of Sitaram Beach Retreat in Kerala. He is also an international speaker on natural healing, Ayurveda, meditation and transformation. 

In this episode, Colette chats with Dr. Vignesh about men’s health and in particular male fertility. They discuss the following:

  • What male fertility problems Dr. Vignesh sees in his clinic.
  • What dhatu/tissue is responsible for the production of sperm.
  • Recognising the initial signs of aggravation in each dosha.
  • How Dr. Vignesh works with his male clients.
  • The Panchakarma healing process and its benefits.
  • The affect of ageing on men’s health and fertility.
  • The importance of preconception healing for men.

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