Ayurvedic Nutrition of the Dhatus

Aug 08, 2019

Episode 92

Episode #92 The dhatus are the tissues of the body. Dhatu translates to ‘that which holds together’ because the dhatus/tissues support the body and give it shape, holding it together. The dhatus are made from and nourished by the food we eat. There are 7 dhatus or tissues in the body according to Ayurveda and in this episode, Colette explains the fascinating tissue nutrition system and how the nutrition is a step-by-step process of nourishment from the gross to the subtlest dhatu which is our reproductive tissue.

The seven tissues or dhatus in the body are:

  1. Rasa – plasma/serum/lymph
  2. Rakta – blood, the red blood cells
  3. Mamsa – muscle tissue
  4. Meda – adipose tissue or fat tissue
  5. Asthi – bones & cartilage
  6. Majja – bone marrow, connective tissue, nerve tissue
  7. Sukra/Artava – male (sukra) and female (artava) reproductive tissue

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