Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Gain

Feb 15, 2024

Episode 327

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to low body weight and takes into consideration the physical, mental and emotional factors at play. Ayurveda gives guidelines to help promote weight gain and it’s not just a case of eating more food but rather looking at the types of food, the tastes and the qualities of the food along with pacifying lifestyle practices. With each individual having a unique constitution the root causes will vary and most importantly the advice needs to be tailored to each individual.

In this episode Colette shares general Ayurvedic guidelines which will be beneficial for weight gain and she discusses the following:

  • The reasons for low body weight.
  • Ayurvedic brimhana treatment protocol.
  • The effects of stress on body weight.
  • When, how and what to eat to ensure good digestion, absorption and assimilation.
  • Ayurvedic herbs for tissue building and strengthening.

Download the Ojas Building Milk Recipe here


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