Tuning Into Your Body with Kate Siraj and Jo Webber

Dec 08, 2022

Episode 265

Kate Siraj and Joanna Webber are both Ayurvedic practitioners and are the co-founders of The Ayurveda Academy.

In this episode we discuss the importance of tuning into the subtle signals of imbalance from our body and mind. Understanding these early stages of aggravation of the doshas can help us to prevent dis-ease. By implementing small dietary and lifestyle adjustments we can pacify the doshas and bring the body and mind back into balance.

We discuss the following:

  • The subtle physical and mental signals our body/mind may give us in the early stage of imbalance.
  • What happens if we ignore these subtle signals or we mask the symptoms with medication.
  • Tips on how to bring our body/mind back into balance before dis-ease manifests.
  • How to cultivate the skill of tuning into our body/mind.
  • Jo gives spice and herbal tea recommendations.
  • Kate shares her experience with shadow work. 


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