The Fat Channel (Meda Vaha Srotas)

May 04, 2023

Episode 286

In this solo episode Colette continues her series on the srotas or channels of the body. Meda vaha srotas are the channels carrying nutrients for the fat tissue. She discusses the following:

  • The function, root, passage and opening of meda vaha srotas.
  • The subdoshas governing this channel.
  • The signs and symptoms of aggravation of meda vaha srotas, which includes:
    • Obesity or emaciation
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension and high cholesterol
    • Lack of lubrication for the joints
    • Sweating in excess and oily skin
    • Poor digestion
    • Breathlessness with little exertion
    • Tiredness and a lack of interest in work
    • Excessive sleep
  • Causes of meda vaha srotas aggravation.
  • Ayurvedic treatment for aggravation of the meda vaha srotas.


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