Staying Balanced in Vata Season

Sep 13, 2018

Episode 45

Episode #45 According to Ayurveda, Vata season is in autumn and early winter. Colette discusses the transition from summer to autumn and gives lots of tips and advice on how to stay balanced during this time of change which can cause problems with digestion, sleeping and mind-spinning. She discusses the following:

  • What is vata season
  • Why we can go out of balance during the transition of the seasons
  • Signs of imbalance in the body and mind
  • The Ayurvedic principle of ‘like increases like and opposites balance’
  • Foods and lifestyle that can aggravate the vata dosha
  • The importance of seasonal cleansing
  • The signs of toxins in the body
  • Balancing foods and spices for the vata dosha
  • A balancing routine for vata
  • The best exercise for vata
  • Yoga and mindfulness practices to calm and ground vata

Colette mentioned the following links in this episode:

Digestive Reset Cleanse

Turmeric Golden Milk (scroll down to episode #21)

Pranayama (breath work) tutorial (see episode #25)

Daily Habits for Holistic Health Course

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