Seasonal Cleansing with Ayurveda

Aug 23, 2017

Episode 4

Episode #4 Ritusandhi is the junction between the seasons, where there’s confusion in nature and this leads to confusion in our body. Ayurveda recommends cleansing at this time to prevent the accumulation of toxins that can lead to illness and to hit the ‘reset’ button, helping the body with this transition by:

  • Nurturing the body with easy digestible foods
  • Eliminating stored toxins in the fat cells
  • Clearing the blocked channels of the body
  • Preventing toxins from accumulating in the body
  • Bringing calm to the mind and nervous system
  • Tuning into the Circadian rhythms
  • Rejuvenating the body/mind post-cleanse
  • Restoring balance, clarity and energy!

 In this episode, Colette discusses the Ayurvedic concept of Ama (toxins) and how accumulating ama is the bedrock of dis-ease in the body and mind. She’ll also discuss;

  • Signs of ama in your body/mind
  • How to prevent ama
  • How to treat ama
  • The importance of seasonal cleansing to prevent the build up of ama in the body
  • The unique structure of an Ayurvedic seasonal cleanse
  • Her seasonal online cleanse which includes a 90min online consultation to tailor the cleanse to YOU!
  • Interview with Colette’s client Lisa, who tells about her experience of an Ayurvedic cleanse

Check out Colette’s website to learn more about this individually-tailored cleanse.

Thank you for listening!

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