Practicing Pranayama with Kamalesh Ginger Hooven

Feb 16, 2023

Episode 275

Kamalesh Ginger Hooven is interim Provost of Mount Madonna Institute, where she is the Director of the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy program.

Kamalesh returns to the podcast to discuss the energy of prana, our vital life force energy and pranayama, breathing practices. This is a great follow up to the previous podcast episode #274 The Respiratory System (Prana Vaha Srotas) where Colette explains in detail how the prana vaha srotas carries this vital energy through the respiratory system. 

Colette chats with Kamalesh about the following:

  • The energy of prana.
  • What is pranayama.
  • The relationship between the breath and the body/mind.
  • The three parts of the breath.
  • How to begin your pranayama practice.
  • Types of pranayama:
    • balancing
    • heating 
    • cooling


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