Personal Boundaries

Mar 28, 2019

Episode 73

Episode #73 Colette chats with Amy Wheeler about Personal Boundaries. Personal boundaries are protective safeguards created to protect ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally. These boundaries are ways in which you find it acceptable for people to behave around you and towards you.

Colette and Amy discuss the following:

  • What are personal boundaries
  • The importance of establishing individual identity
  • Why it’s our responsibility for how others treat us
  • Knowing your needs
  • Amy’s example of establishing boundaries in a professional environment
  • Listening to your emotions and body signals
  • How to set clear, firm boundaries 
  • Using nonviolent communication to communicate your needs without harming others
  • Personal boundaries in intimate relationships
  • Avoiding codependency 
  • Signs of unhealthy boundaries

Click here for more information on nonviolent communication

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