How Ayurveda Supports Adam's Creativity

Jun 09, 2022

 Episode 239

Adam McGuigan is an artistic director and his creativity and international charity theatre work is inspirational. However, Adam can become immersed in his creative endeavours which in the past has led to burnout.

In this episode Adam discusses his journey with Ayurveda and how it helps him maintain balance, allowing inspired creativity to flow. We discuss the following: 

  • Adam's charity theatre work.
  • Overworking and exhaustion leading to a Vata imbalance.
  • Panchakarma and rejuvenation in Bali.
  • Returning to old patterns. 
  • Tailoring an at-home cleanse to Adam's busy life.
  • Bringing Ayurveda into his daily structure.
  • Thriving in his creative passions and serving others on his journey.


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