Emotional Eating with Amy Wheeler

Jun 21, 2018

Episode 33

Episode #33 Colette and Amy discuss emotional eating which can be triggered by numerous factors in our lives. They discuss Ayurveda’s and Yoga’s perspective and guidelines for emotional eating. They discuss the following:

  • Our earliest emotional relationship with food
  • Emotional regulation with food
  • Reasons we overeat/undereat
  • Ayurveda’s perspective on emotional eating
  • What is ‘real’ hunger
  • Hunger and the senses
  • Emotional eating and neurotherapy
  • Creating new positive habits from the inside out
  • Amy’s Emotional Eating and Yoga workshop
  • Ayurveda’s guidelines to eating
  • Ayurvedic cleanses to retrain the body and mind
  • Relationship between mindfulness and addiction
  • Restructuring your day to prevent old patterns returning
  • Tips and guidelines for the inner work

Read Amy’s article on Emotional Eating, Yoga Therapy and Neuroscience on Yogamate’s website.

Find out all the details on Amy’s Emotional Eating & Yoga Workshop here…Emotional Eating Workshop

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