Ayurvedic Products with Banyan Botanicals

Oct 05, 2017

Episode 7

Episode #7 Knowing the source of your Ayurvedic products is very important. In this episode, Colette chats with Devang Shah, Banyan Botanicals Chief Operating Officer to discuss their process of producing high quality Ayurvedic products. They discuss:

  • How Devang was first introduced to Ayurveda
  • What Ayurveda means to him
  • Why he thinks Ayurveda is so important today
  • What are the common myths about Ayurveda
  • We chat in detail about Banyan Botanicals
    • The origins of the company 
    • The company’s philosophy
    • Banyan’s procedure when producing products
    • Devang’s favorite Ayurvedic tips and products

You can check out the Banyan Botanicals site for all their wonderful products and information.

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