Ayurvedic Principles and Protecting The Oceans

Mar 31, 2022

Episode 229

Jennica's career in aquaculture has spanned 20-years. Currently, she is the Research Director for Ocean Era, a Hawai’i-based small business that focuses on developing, and commercializing ways that marine aquaculture can combat climate change and decrease pressure on wild fisheries.

Jennica and I discuss the following:

  • Jennica's work in aquaculture.
  • Seaweed for ocean health, food and as a biofuel.
  • Creating the right environment for healthy fish.
  • Fish farming and nutrition.
  • Advice on choosing fish for consumption.
  • How Jennica integrates Ayurvedic principles into her work.
  • Combating climate change and decreasing pressure on wild fisheries.

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