Ayurvedic Perspective on Water with Dr. Nandan Lele

Jul 01, 2021

Episode 190

Ayurvedic Doctor, Nandan Lele has more than 17 years of clinical experience taking care of thousands of patients at 2 clinics in Pune, India. He has also travelled extensively all around the globe during the last 17 years teaching Ayurveda.

Dr. Nandan's practice is a holistic approach aimed at minimal use of medicines and maximum use of food and lifestyle modifications to restore health. 

Colette chats with Dr. Nandan about Ayurveda's insight on water and they discuss the following:

  • Our connection with water and nature.
  • The significance of water in our lives.
  • Our relationship with water - in health and disease.
  • The qualities of water and how to drink water.
  • Water and emotions.
  • The importance of respecting water.

Please visit Dr. Nandan Lele's website www.tejomayayurved.in/

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