Ayurveda and Yoga Wisdom for Pregnancy with Dhyana Masla

May 09, 2024

Episode 339

Dhyana Masla was born to a family of Bhakti yoga practitioners, with the practices and teachings of Ayurveda woven seamlessly throughout her life. She’s the author of Ayurveda Mama: A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum. Colette chats with Dhyana about her new book and they discuss the following:

  • Dhyana's journey to motherhood and writing her book.
  • Ayurvedic perspective on preparing the body for conception.
  • The importance of parents preparing mentally and emotionally for parenthood.
  • The effect of sensory inputs on mama and baby.
  • Yoga practices for each trimester.
  • The sacred window of postpartum and the importance of self-care during this time.


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