Addiction, The Vagus Nerve & Ayurveda

Aug 01, 2019

Episode 91

Episode #91 Ayurvedic Doctor Victor Briere discusses his research into addiction and the vagus nerve. He explains how Ayurveda and Yoga can bring the body into the rest and digest mode or the parasympathetic mode and in turn restore balance to the body and mind. We discuss the following:

  • How does imbalance or dis-ease begin in the body/mind.
  • What are the biggest factors in the cause of addiction.
  • What is the vagus nerve and it’s role in the body.
  • What is the fight, flight, freeze and immobilisation response and how is it connected with addiction.
  • What is the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • How does Ayurveda treat addiction.
  • Case studies and simple tips to help restore wellbeing.

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