A Soul Driven Life vs. A Life of Fear with Joe Rich and Victor Briere

Jun 17, 2021

Episode 188

This is the final episode in a trilogy of conversations Colette had with Kundalini Yoga teacher, Joe Rich and Ayurvedic Doctor, Victor Briere.

In episode #186 they discussed the 'Ending the Duality of the Masculine and Feminine' and in episode #187 they discussed 'Masculine/Feminine vs. Male/Female'.

In this episode, they discuss living a life guided by your intuition, instead of an ego driven life of fear and anxiety. They discuss the following:

  • Why we choose to play small and live in fear.
  • The impact of living a fear-based life.
  • Intuition, the voice of the Soul.
  • The difference between the ego and intuition.
  • The importance of community in our Soul driven life.


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