A Healing Journey from Client to Coach

Dec 27, 2018

Episode 60

Episode #60 Colette chats with her client Sanya Minocha who has been on a healing journey for the last four years, after experiencing chronic pain from a tailbone injury. She has spent this period of time healing and empowering herself and she’s now inspired to help others restore balance with her business, Kensho Wellness.

Colette and Sanya chat about the following:

  • How Sanya’s healing journey began.
  • Her Ayurvedic path.
  • The cleansing fears that surfaced.
  • How Sanya set herself up for cleansing success.
  • Her Ayurvedic cleanse experience – physically & emotionally.
  • Incorporating a new operating system of daily self-care practices.
  • Feeling empowered to take charge of her own health.
  • Sanya’s career shift from Corporate to Coaching with Kensho Wellness.

You can find out more info on www.kenshowellness.com

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