Release Shame with Vedic Sexuality with Acharya Shunya

Mar 11, 2021

Episode 174

Acharya Shunya is the first female head of her 2,000-year-old Indian spiritual lineage, she has dedicated her life to the dissemination of Vedic knowledge for the spiritual uplifting of all beings.

Colette chats with Acharya Shunya about a recent article titled, 'Release Shame with Vedic Sexuality'. An insight into what the Vedas teach us about human sexuality. We discuss the following:

  • Why there needs to be less intense focus on sexuality.
  • How kama/pleasure is one of the four aims of life.
  • The importance of bringing dharma into sexuality.
  • How do we become spiritually shameless.
  • Why Ayurveda recommends limiting our sexual activity at certain times.
  • How becoming spiritually shameless unites us with a greater truth.

Click here to read Acharya Shunya's article 'Release Shame with Vedic Sexuality'.

Visit to learn more about Acharya Shunya's offerings and her books:

  1. Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom
  2. Sovereign Self

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