Woman Stands Shining Shares Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Jan 17, 2019

Episode 63

Episode #63 Woman Stands Shining, Pat McCabe, is from Diné Nation, she is a writer, artist, and speaker. As “Holy Earth Surface Walker, Life-Bringer, Life-Bearer” she claims her Authority to speak always on behalf of Life, and to call community attention to placing Life at the Center in all discussion, planning, and activity.

She teaches on the subjects of Sacred Feminine, Sacred Masculine, Economy, Paradigm, Indigenous Ways of Knowing/Science for Thriving Life, worldwide. She also takes part in the many indigenous peoples gatherings taking place all around the Mother Earth at this time.

Colette and Pat discuss the following:

  • The meaning and significance of the word ‘indigenous.’
  • Why our connection to Mother Nature is so important.
  • Pat’s connection to water and the consciousness of water.
  • How water amplifies our prayers.
  • What’s wrong with our current pyramid structure.
  • The failure of the power-over paradigm.
  • Reconciling the sacred feminine and sacred masculine.
  • Humanity birthing itself anew.
  • The ‘Hoop of Life.’
  • The Masters of Sustainability.
  • The perfect design for thriving life.
  • The gift of moon time for women and the world.

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