The Future of Ayurveda with Vaidya Jayarajan

Feb 13, 2020

Episode 119

Vaidya Jayarajan is the Academy Director of Kerala Ayurveda USA. Dr. J comes from a lineage of Ayurvedic Practitioners and he is also someone who is as the forefront of bringing Ayurveda into the mainstream. Therefore, I wanted to take advantage of all this knowledge and experience and ask Dr. J the following questions:

  • What is the current status of Ayurveda in the US?
  • Are you concerned about losing the traditional teachings of Ayurveda to the modern day trends?
  • How is India protecting and promoting this ancient wisdom?
  • How can Ayurvedic professionals and students help to preserve the traditional teachings?
  • How can Ayurveda help raise the consciousness of the world?
  • What are your tips on choosing an Ayurvedic course?
  • What educational courses does Kerala Ayurveda offer?
  • What is Kerala’s India Immersion tour?

Visit Kerala Ayurveda’s website here.

Or, call them directly on 888-275-9103 and don’t forget to mention ‘Elements’ in the reference code!

Check out the private Daily Habits for Holistic Health course here.

Thanks for listening!

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