The Food Channel and the Subdoshas (Anna Vaha Srotas)

Jan 26, 2023

 Episode 272

The Srotas are channels in the body through which the doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha move. There are many types of srotas in the body from the subtle energetic channels called nadis to the largest channel in the body, Maha srotas, the gastrointestinal tract. 

In this episode Colette explains the main channels of the body and she focuses on anna vaha srotas, the food channel. She details what happens when we eat and the journey through the food channel and the subdoshas involved which includes:

  • bodhaka kapha
  • prana vayu
  • sadhaka pitta
  • kledaka kapha
  • samana vayu
  • pachaka pitta
  • ranjaka pitta
  • apana vayu 

Colette also discusses the four types of imbalances which can occur in the srotas/channels and how they can manifest in the anna vaha srotas.


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