Juggling Family, Work and Self-Care

Dec 13, 2018

Episode 58

Episode #58 Colette chats with her client Melissa, a busy working mum of three about her health journey. For 3 years Melissa searched for an answer to her weight gain, poor sleep and other health issues. She tried various conventional and non-conventional methods and nothing seemed to work! In July 2018 she discovered Ayurveda and after completing a consultation and cleanse, she now has lost the excess weight, enjoys good sleep and energy, along with a clear mind.

Colette and Melissa discuss the following:

  • Melissa’s health frustrations
  • Understanding how Ayurveda could help her holistic health
  • Implementing the lifestyle changes as a busy working mum
  • Melissa’s digestive reset cleanse experience
  • The before and after cleanse results
  • The importance of her creative outlet
  • Tips for incorporating Ayurvedic self-care into busy family life
  • Setting up boundaries and being a good role model

Check out Melissa’s many creative endeavours here:

Melissa’s art: melissapaints.com

Broad Appeal: broadappealtv.com

Milton Scene: miltonscene.com

Bonita Creative: bonitacreative.com

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