Infertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum and Ayurveda

Jun 28, 2018

Episode 34

Episode #34 Colette speaks with her friend Claire about her journey with burnout, infertility, pregnancy, postpartum and how Ayurveda helped her during these struggles, transitions and maintaining balance today. They discuss:

  • Claire’s burnout story
  • Finding balance after burnout
  • Life transitions and trying to stay balanced
  • Claire’s struggle with infertility
  • Her holistic health journey and finding Ayurveda
  • Understanding individualised Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition 
  • Claire’s fertility journey to a successful pregnancy
  • Dealing with postpartum highs and lows
  • Preconception cleansing to welcome baby #2
  • Dealing with a Pitta/Vata imbalance postpartum 
  • Letting go of being Super Mum!
  • How essential oils helped calm her Vata imbalance
  • Finding balance with home, work and Nature

Check out Claire’s website below and follow Claire on Instagram…

Claire Blackie Aromatherapy website

Aromatherapy by Claire on Instagram

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Preconception Cleanse 

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