Focus on the Gunas, Not the Doshas

Nov 12, 2020


Episode 158

Ayurveda teaches us that there are 20 gunas/qualities and these qualities are the polarities of all the forces in the universe and everything in the universe can be defined by these qualities. They are put into 10 pairs of opposites:

  1. Heavy/Light
  2. Dull/Sharp
  3. Cold/Hot
  4. Oily/Dry
  5. Smooth/Rough
  6. Dense/Liquid
  7. Soft/Hard
  8. Static/Mobile
  9. Gross/Subtle
  10. Cloudy/Clear

 The Ayurvedic healing system is based on these 10 pairs of opposites and the principle that ‘Like increases Like and Opposites Pacify.' 

In this episode, Colette will discuss in detail each guna and how the pairs of opposites can work to pacify each other to restore balance to the body and mind.

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