Energy Healing with Diane Goldner

May 17, 2018

Episode 28

Episode #28 Colette chats with Energy Healer, Diane Goldner. Diane is an internationally known healer and medical intuitive, who is able to release the root causes of illnesses and life challenges, creating health, illumination and grace. Colette and Diane discuss:

  • Diane’s interesting childhood reading material
  • Meeting a meditation master from India
  • Meditation bliss and anxiety
  • Her blind date that changed her life path
  • The influence of Barbara Brennan, former NASA scientist
  • Investigative journalism on energy healing 
  • Fifth chakra blocks, quills and healing
  • Five years as a guinea pig with boundaries tested and dissolved
  • Diane’s Shaktipat experience
  • From journalism to energy healing
  • Diane’s books 1. How People Heal 2. Yes, You Can Heal 3. Awakening to the Light
  • Diane shares some stories from her 20 years of energy healing

To find out more about Diane and take advantage of her free webinar offer, check out her website…

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