Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary

Aug 09, 2018

Episode 40

Episode #40 In this special 1 year anniversary episode of the Elements of Ayurveda podcast, Colette celebrates by interviewing some of her clients and sharing some voice messages from the podcast listeners, along with the following:

  • Why Colette started the podcast in August 2017
  • Sabine from Europe shares her story with Ayurveda
  • Regular guest, Amy Wheeler shares a lovely message
  • Katya from the U.S. shares the story of her healing journey
  • Colette talks about the new collaboration with Joyful Belly and the future Ayurvedic nutrition episodes
  • Exciting and generous gift for the Elements community from Joyful Belly – a $750 scholarship to study Ayurveda online with the Joyful Belly School
  • Jo from Australia shares her thoughts on Ayurveda and the podcast
  • Colette discusses the future of the podcast
  • Kate from Australia shares a message of what the podcast means to her
  • Colette’s final message of thanks and gratitude for the community

Colette mentioned a lot of links in the show and you will find them all below:

  1. Daily Habits for Holistic Health Course
  2. Digestive Reset Cleanse
  3. Free Ayurvedic Discovery Call

Thanks for listening!

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