Ayurvedic Nutrition – December Foods

Dec 06, 2018

Episode 57

Episode #57 Colette chats with John Immel from Joyful Belly about the seasonal foods for December. John chooses to talk about roasts and molasses for the northern hemisphere and berries for the southern hemisphere.

In this episode, Colette and John discuss the following:

  • Listener question on how to cook Ayurvedically for the family using Asian and Italian spices.
  • Why meat can be beneficial for a Vata imbalance in winter.
  • How the winter weather effects the body.
  • The beneficial blood building and warming quality of roasts. 
  • The qualities of meat and the effects on each dosha.
  • Using aromatic spices on meat to aid digestion.
  • Black molasses – how it’s made.
  • The properties of molasses and the effects on the body.
  • The benefits of berries in late spring and early summer.
  • Which berry is best for each dosha.

John has suggested 2 recipes from the Joyful Belly website:

Thanks for listening!

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