Ayurvedic Doshas and the Seasons

Aug 17, 2017

Episode 3

Episode #3 Colette will discuss how the doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha appear in each season. We generally think of the seasons as spring, summer, fall and winter, however, Ayurveda teaches us that it’s not the calendar but Nature that determines which dosha will be influenced:

  • Vata season is fall/autumn and early winter
  • Pitta season is summer
  • Kapha season is late winter and spring

 Due to the changes in the seasons, the doshas go through the cycle of accumulation, aggravation and pacification and this can have a big impact on our body and mind due to the Ayurvedic principle of ‘like increases like and opposites balance.’

Therefore, each person needs to be aware of which season has the same qualities as their predominant dosha. For example, a person who has a high vata constitution will have a tendency to go out of balance in vata season of fall and early winter. During this time, this individual needs to be focused and disciplined in their nutrition and lifestyle in order to stay in balance.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Qualities of each season – the affect on the environment and our dosha
  • Imbalances that can occur in each dosha due to accumulation
  • Dietary tips to keep the body/mind in balance during ‘your’ season
  • Self-care tips for each dosha
  • How to dress for each season
  • Exercise tips for each dosha 
  • Tips on how to bring each dosha back into balance and restore health
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