Ayurvedic Cooking Q&A with Divya Alter

Nov 18, 2021

Episode 210

Divya Alter is a certified nutritional consultant, educator, and co-founder of Bhagavat Life, the only Ayurvedic culinary school in Manhattan.

She and her husband Prentiss also own Divya’s Kitchen, an Ayurvedic restaurant in Manhattan. Divya is the author of 'What to Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen.'

In this episode, Divya answers questions from the Elements of Ayurveda Community and Divya's Kitchen Community. She answers the following questions:

  • Can you please speak about the use of tofu and tempeh in Ayurvedic cooking?
  • Can/do you ever use peanuts?
  • I am curious about the use of chutneys and pickles in Ayurvedic cooking. What is the purpose of chutney in a meal?
  • I’m cooking for the holidays. Do you have any suggestions on how to plan a holiday feast and keep the recipes tridoshic?
  • How do you drop perfectionism in cooking and eating?
  • Tips for staying hydrated as it gets colder and drier outside? Are there recipes you find hydrating?
  • What's your go-to dish for fall right now? 
  • Are there Ayurvedic cookbooks by other authors that you recommend for the "new to Ayurveda" cook?


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