Ayurveda vs. Conventional Treatment Research in Knee Osteoarthritis

Jun 07, 2018

Episode 31

Episode #31 Colette chats with Dr. Christian Kessler, a consultant physician and research coordinator, specialising in internal medicine and complementary medicine at the Charité Medical University Clinic for Complimentary Medicine and The Immanuel Hospital Berlin, Germany. They chat about the following:

  • Dr. Kessler’s studies in the effectiveness of Ayurveda on chronic diseases and Masters in Indology. 
  • The goal to scientifically and socially advance Traditional Indian Medicine in Germany and Europe.
  • The exciting research study that was recently published in PubMed. This research aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Ayurvedic treatment compared to conventional conservative care for knee osteoarthritis patients.
  • The methods used to apply this research.
  • Dr. Kessler’s view that Ayurveda is not just a tool but a toolbox and a personalised multi-modality approach that can benefit Western medicine.
  • The challenges with researching a multi-modality health system like Ayurveda.
  • The importance of actively involving patients in their own healing process.
  • The long-term benefits of educating patients and empowering them to take charge of their own health.

Please click on the link below to access the PubMed report and a detailed pdf of the research.

PubMed – Effectiveness of an Ayurveda Treatment Approach in Knee OA

Osteoarthritis Research Society International PDF

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