An Ayurvedic Journey to Improved Digestion, Skin and Clarity

Dec 30, 2021

Episode 216

Bridie spent a decade trying to figure out her digestive health issues. She struggled with IBS and extreme bloating and had tried many different forms of practitioners, diets, supplements and practices with no success in finding answers.

In this episode, she explains how Ayurveda has helped her understand her mind/body type and how to live, eat and play to keep her doshas pacified.  We discuss the following:

  • Bridie's struggle with digestive health issues.
  • Discovering Ayurveda and living in alignment with her 'true nature' and Mother Nature.
  • Healing past trauma during the Ayurveda cleansing process.
  • Bridie's renewed confidence in managing her health and wellbeing.
  • Manifesting new adventures with new aligned energies!


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