Group Reset - Restore - Renew


A 7-Week Transformational Journey of Healing, Connection, Education & Empowerment!


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Are you ready to Reset, Restore & Renew your body, your mind and your life?

This transformational journey will help you to take charge of your own health, prevent illness and empower you to become your own healer with the following 3 step program:


Reset your digestive system with a digestive reset cleanse which is tailored to you. Your digestive system (Gastro-Intestinal Tract) houses up to 80% of your immunity and it’s of paramount importance to ensuring your body and mind are in balance


Restore your physical and mental health with rejuvenating foods and practices which will build a strong foundation of health and wellbeing.


Renew your life by understanding your unique mind/body type and learn what foods, exercise, lifestyle and daily self-care habits will help to keep you in balance, preventing dis-ease and give you energy and passion for life!

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This program can be taken individually at any time. See the Programs page to book your private Reset - Restore - Renew Program.



Up to 80% of your immunity is housed in your digestive system, therefore, a healthy gastrointestinal tract (G.I. tract) is of paramount importance for your overall health and wellbeing.

With this understanding, this transformational journey starts with a 7 day digestive reset cleanse. There’s no fasting in this nurturing, all natural, whole-food cleanse. The food and mindfulness practices are tailored to you in your 1-to-1 90 min online consultation. ​

The Digestive Reset Cleanse includes the following:

90 min 1-to-1 Online Consultation

An Ayurvedic Booklet Tailored to You

Weekly Coaching Webinar 

Yoga Video for Your Dosha Type

Meditation Tutorial

Pranayama Tutorial

Recipes Tailored to You

Private Community

​This cleanse allows you to hit the ‘reset’ button and unpack any physical and/or emotional toxins holding you back from living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life!​


Cleansing can be depleting on the body and so rejuvenation is extremely important with food and daily practices that will build strong, healthy cells and tissues. This will build a strong foundation for your holistic health going forward.

During this ‘restore’ period, you will have a 30-minute online check-in consultation with Colette before moving forward into step 3.


Now that you’re cleansed and rejuvenated, it’s time to install a new day-to-day operating system, so you don’t revert back to poor habits. Step 3 of this transformational program consists of a 28 day online Daily Habits for Holistic Health program. 

​These daily habits are self-care practices that keep the body and mind in balance, aid digestion, calm the nervous system, prevent illness and promote health and wellbeing. 


​Along with implementing the daily self-care habits and routines to build a strong foundation of holistic health, Colette will also be educating you on the following:

 Understanding the daily energy cycles (Circadian rhythms) and how to structure your day to work with these energies rather than going against them and suffering

Understanding the different mental qualities and how to maintain mental balance

Learning the foundations of Ayurvedic healing so you can become your own healer

Connecting to your intuition and living a positive and fulfilling life

You will also receive...

Access to a private site with daily coaching webinars


Online support from Colette

Access to a private community

​​At the end of this program you will have a 60-minute follow-up consultation with Colette to discuss the following:

Assess your current health situation

Put together a strategy for going forward to maintain balance and prevent dis-ease in the body/mind

Answer any of your questions or concerns 

Ensure that you feel confident and empowered to take charge of your own health and wellbeing

BOOK NOW FOR $557 USD (Save $106)
BOOK NOW FOR €492 EUR (Save €91)

This program can be taken individually at any time. See the Programs page to book your private Reset - Restore - Renew Program.

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​“I look forward to supporting you on this journey and sharing with you the Wisdom of Ayurveda which has really helped me in all aspects of my life. It really is the manual to life which we never received!”

– Colette

Reset – Restore – Renew – Rejoice!!

“This program is life-changing. You start with Colette listening to everything you have to say, then she shows you your true self. The digestive reset is closely guided and tailored to YOU. Colette checks in on you, but does not impose. When I got to the four week Daily Habits for Holistic Health part of the package, she let me go at my own pace. I took something like 8 weeks! And she supported me 100% of the way.

Colette asks questions to gently prod you to get to know yourself, while at the same time providing tools like videos and worksheets that allow you to learn on your own time. After you complete the program you feel empowered to create a better life for yourself, and others.

On top of all of this, Colette offers a FREE podcast! She shares her knowledge and wisdom, JUST BECAUSE SHE BELIEVES IN IT, and wants everyone else in the world to benefit from Ayurveda as well.

I highly recommend every service Colette has to offer! Do not let the opportunity to learn from her pass you by…. “

- Becky, Indiana

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